Hide-It! 1.1

Provides an option to keep your desktop clean of running programs
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Hides running programs that could possibly annoy you. By hiding, it simply removes their presence from the desktop, it's button from the taskbar and also it removes it from the Alt-Tab chain. This way it won't stand in your way while working on your PC.

A small freeware applett that allows you to hide applications from the desktop and the Alt-Tab chain. Do you use some application that you must keep running all day long, but you don't really need to check often? Do you run MS Exchange as a network FAX server and should keep it always open? Hide-It is for you! Hide-it allows you to hide any application window and it's button in the taskbar, the application is also removed from the Alt-Tab chain, so it won't disturb your task switching, it's just as if it wasn't there. You can later access it's window un-hiding it, you just need to right-click in the small Hide-it's icon in the system tray area and select it.

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